Top 10 New Year Messages

Gonna party like it's 2019...

Top 10 New Year Messages:

Don't know what to write on your Baby Says® Chalkboard Shoes to help celebrate the new year? We are here to help with some creative ideas:

#10: My 1st New Decade

#9: Poppin' bottles on New Years

#8: New Year, New Baby Arriving October 2020 (Pregnancy Announcement)

#7: New Year Resolution: Drink Less

#6: Mommy's Midnight Kiss

#5: Cheers to 2020

#4: Wake me up when the ball drops

#3: Midnight Kisses, New Year Wishes

#2: New Year Resolutions:
      Start Talking
      Eat Solid Food
      Learn to Walk

#1: Is 2020 Ready for ALL THIS?!

Would love to see what you come up with! Don't forget to tag us on social media (@babysaysllc) to be featured or use the hashtag #WhatDoesYOURBabySay !

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