What Does YOUR Baby Say?

Have you heard the great news?!?!

Baby Says has launched a BRAND NEW and NEVER BEFORE SEEN baby shoe! We are excited to announce that our patent-pending CHALKBOARD SHOES are now available for purchase! Never heard of chalkboard shoes? Well, that's because they haven't existed until now.

The outer sole is made of a soft chalkboard material. Use the safe, non-toxic Baby Says chalk marker enclosed with your shoes to add drawling, shapes, and words. Babies are mostly sitting or laying down, so wouldn't it be great to decorate these outsoles any way you want over and over again?


5 months baby shoes chalkboard shoes

Many parents use the month-to-month stickers on the baby's shirt and snap a photo of their baby at, say, 5 months old. These stickers lose the adhesiveness and are easily removed by curious infants. How great would it be to write the baby's age (and a cute little note), let the chalk marker dry, place on the baby's feet and take the photo at any time! Once you are finished, the chalk wipes off easily with liquid dish soap & water on a soft cloth and is ready to be used again!

What about those large chalkboards sitting next to a fidgety baby? Not very safe if it gets knocked over!  So much safer to use baby shoes!

Here are some ideas where the Chalkboard Shoes will bring a uniqueness to any baby-themed event:

1) Gender reveals : Use our neutral tones and write the baby's gender on the bottom of the sole and flip over when ready!

2) Pregnancy reveals: We've all seen the pregnancy reveals on Pinterest with the Daddy shoes, Mommy shoes, and a pair of tiny Baby shoes. Flip one (or both) over and write the expected due date for those snapshots!

3) Name reveals: Saving to announce the baby's name till birth? Write his/her name to reveal to the family!

4) Baby shower: Wouldn't it be a cute idea to use the baby shoes with the guest's name and table number instead of place cards?

5) Newborn photo shoots: Got a sense of humor? Add a message or design to the outsole that will be revealed in the photos!

6) Stroller message: Baby is sleeping in the carrier while you are pushing the stroller in the mall. Strangers come up to take a closer look and squeeze those baby cheeks. Wouldn't it be great to have a message for them?

7) Sports: Let everyone know your (baby's) favorite sports team!

8) Holidays: Great for holiday wishes, messages, and decorations!

9) Milestones: Did your baby just say "mama"? Celebrate it by using the Chalkboard Shoes to document that photo op!

10) Siblings: Older siblings love anything that is creative, so why not have them create a drawing as a 'gift' to their younger sibling and take a picture! Great memories and vital bonding moments <3

We are starting our product line by offering two of the most popular styles - sneakers and moccasins - for boys and girls who are non-walkers 0 -12 months old.

Snap a photo of your baby with the decorated soles and share on social media with the hashtag #WhatDoesYourBabySay ! We would love to see what you come up with!

Check out our Gallery for some inspiration!

We have been working tirelessly for almost three years now to make these available to you, and they are available now for pre-order! Order yours today at

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