Blissful Gifts That Begin with The Letter B by Gift Bee

Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes were featured in the article, "Blissful Gifts That Begin with The Letter B - Top gifts starting with the 2nd letter of the alphabet."

The article included interesting information about this letter: If you flip it on its belly, the letter “B” allows you to visualize a home (with a door, a room, and a roof). Fitting, since approximately 4,000 years ago in Egypt, “B” was a hieroglyph that used to mean “shelter”. Modern language is funny like that.

In our days “B”, due to its place as the second letter of the alphabet, now means an alternative to the main idea, or the main plan (represented by, of course, “A”), hence, “Plan B”. Even though it seems to imply some sort of second place consolation prize, rest assured, there is nothing second place-like about these blissful gifts that start with the letter “B”, check them out.

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