Baby Says was unexpectedly born in 2015. Why was it unexpected, you ask? Well, I was home one day creating baby accessories on the table, while watching my oldest daughter interact with her newborn sister. The older sibling was frustrated that she couldn't really play much with the baby because she was too little. So she sketched a small drawing on a little chalkboard to present it as a gift to her baby sister. That was a light bulb moment! Why not create a baby shoe with an outsole made out of chalkboard material? Older siblings can create "gifts" for their younger siblings to wear. Parents can write out the age of the baby for the month-to-month photos. Expectant parents can write the gender for reveals, or the due date for pregnancy announcements.

I put the accessories aside and thought out what this would look like. I have been working tirelessly through many obstacles to get this never-before-seen patent-pending Chalkboard Shoe perfected and into your home!

Chalkboard Shoes by Baby Says provides parents and caregivers a new means of expression for their non-walking babies. The soles can be decorated with our safe, non-toxic chalk markers and personalized with dates, names, or phrases.

Perfect for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, photo shoots, family gatherings, sporting events, holidays, month-to-month milestones...the possibilities are endless!

The shoes you purchase today are durable, well-designed, and most importantly: safe for you and your child to enjoy.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these shoes with your little ones, and create many memories that will be cherished for years to come!

What does YOUR baby say?


Angela, Owner and Founder of Baby Says, LLC