How to Have a Safe No-Contact Baby Shower

Baby showers are one of the most fun things to look forward to as a first time mom, but this current pandemic has changed how we throw these parties. That doesn't mean they can't be fun! Here are some ideas on how to have an awesome baby shower!

Many moms-to-be are now planning virtual or no-contact baby showers instead of in-person parties. You got it! That means everyone gets to meet up over their computers or smartphones. While it may be logistically different, the intent is the same: to celebrate you and your sweet baby. (BONUS: You don't have the deal with that awkward belly rub from the random guest!)


Early on in the pandemic, people were doing drive-by birthday parties and graduations. This can be done for baby showers too!

Set up a comfortable and decorated space for yourself outside your home. Have a friend or relative pick a time for your guests to drive by.

They can stop and chat with you as they pass (with face coverings if you get too close), or simply honk and wave as they drive by. This is a short and sweet way to honor your pregnancy and upcoming birth!



Big benefit to this option is that no one has to travel! You can set up a date and time to have friends and relatives join in from all over the world!

Take Teresa Cox, 34, a stay-at-home mom to a 4-year-old boy and blogger at Cox held a virtual baby shower a few years ago because she had a high-risk pregnancy and couldn’t travel to the West Coast to be with her husband’s family. “My mother-in-law was the one who came up with the idea of a virtual shower so that everyone could feel like they were a part of the celebration,” she says.

“The key advantage to a virtual event is that no one has to travel, a bigger group can be invited and it’s much less expensive compared to [an in-person] event,” says Kurt Perschke, owner of, a virtual baby shower service that offers invitations, a customizable website and built-in games. (source:

And don't think these Zoom sessions (if that is your platform of choice) have to be boring! You can play games, open gifts that guests sent ahead of time, have contests, and even send e-gift cards as prizes to the winners!

Even though baby showers look a little different now than what they used to be over a year ago, remember that safety and health is always the top priority. As you can see, they can still provide the support and love that you need and deserve on our journey toward motherhood.


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