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How do I remove the liquid chalk from the chalkboard surface?

It's simple! The chalk comes off by wiping it off with a little bit of liquid dish soap and water on a soft cloth or paper towel. Please note that hand soap, baby wipes, Magic Eraser, etc do not work as well as good ol' regular liquid dish soap!


Sometimes the chalk marker leaves a faint mark on the shoe sole. Is this normal?

The chalk markers might leave residue or faint image on the sole after it has been erased with liquid dish soap and a little water. This is called "ghosting" . "Ghosting" is totally normal for chalkboards and adds to their charm for this authentic look!


Are the Baby Says chalk markers safe for babies?

Yes! They have passed all tests required for child safety!


My baby started standing up to try to walk. Can he/she wear the shoes?

These shoes are intended for infants and crawlers only, and thus are made in sizes 0 to 12 months for non-walking babies. If you have an early walker, be sure to use our shoes as a photo prop or only while sitting. Here is a size chart. Measurements indicate the length of the inside of the shoe.


Are these shoes for boys or girls?

Both! Baby Says shoes are unisex.


Are the shoes machine washable?

Our shoes are intended to be wiped clean.



Do you offer Baby Says products to retailers and e-tailers? If so, how do I apply for a wholesale account?

Yes, we love our retailers! Send an email to if you would like to be considered as a Baby Says retailer.


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