10 Reasons Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes Are a Must-Have Baby Shower Gift!

We've all been there...scrambling through the registry to find a baby shower gift that is unique and will WOW the mother-to-be. You want to find a gift that will be used to create new memories. After countless hours of searching you settle for a couple rattles and a few bibs. <snooze>

Then you come across and realize baby chalkboard shoes are THE MUST-HAVE baby shower gift. And here are the reasons why:


1. Baby Shoes You Can Use While Pregnant

Did you know you can use your baby chalkboard shoes while your bun is still in the oven? The mom-to-be will totally thank you for baby shoes she can use before, during and after she gives birth. What other shoe can do that?


2. Use for Pregnancy Announcements

Parents can write a meaningful message on the bottom of the shoes to announce their new baby's arrival, take a photo, wipe off, and redecorate for another event!


3. Brand New Way for Gender Reveal Parties

We have all seen the typical gender reveals: Popping balloons, cake cutting, colored balloons inside a box. Have you seen this type of gender reveal? You can make it your own and personalize them in any way!


4. Safe for Babies

Our markers are safe, non-toxic, dust-free, and smear free! Once the chalk marker dries after 1-2 minutes, you can run your finger on top and it won't smear or come off. No chalk dust like regular chalk and our markers have passed all child safety tests. Once she is finished with the design, the marker comes off with liquid dish soap and water!


5. Month-to-Month

You know those stickers you stick on a onesie? Yeah, overdone. Or those heavy chalkboard really want those next to a newborn? These shoes are soft and fun to use whether the baby is wearing them or holding them or even laying next to them!


6. Baby Shower Decor

These baby shoes would be awesome as part of centerpieces or even table settings. Write down the guest's name and table number for a unique never-before-seen decoration!


7. Easy to Use

Want to know how easy these are to use? Simply design, erase, repeat! Works like a real chalkboard, only much softer and more versatile!


8. Great for Baby Sports Fans

Imagine how much fun can be had with all the message that can be written on the soles for sports events! Show off which team you are cheering on, or who is the baby's #1 fan (or 2 fans if you have twins) And speaking of twins this is a great way to identify baby #1 and baby #2! ;-)


9. Sibling Bonding

What a better way to get older siblings involved with a newborn baby! Have them draw or write a special message on the shoes for their newborn sibling and watch the bonding through art commence!


10. Shoes that are 2-for-1

You are not only gifting chalkboard shoes for the new baby but also these super stylish baby shoes! These are well-made, adorable, soft, quality baby shoes that have a fun side to them on the outer sole. Who could beat that!


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