Celebrate Announcements And Milestones With Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes

Celebrate Announcements And Milestones With Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes

Written by: D E Bradley

Baby shoes are a cute gift for any gender reveal, baby shower, or the birth of a child. But, traditional shoes aren't that exciting or practical anymore. That is why many new parents love Baby Shoes Chalkboard Shoes.

Why have a chalkboard on the soles of these shoes?

Our shoes come in four sizes, from newborn to 12 months. Let's be honest here. Your baby doesn't need the most practical of soled-shoes at this young age. They just need something protecting their feet as they crawl around or maybe take their first steps. So, that's a lot of free space presented to the world and a great opportunity for some artistic fun.

The chalkboard-style sole and liquid chalk markers allow for a blank black canvas to decorate time and time again. All you need to do is draw the designs, enjoy them for a while, wipe them off, and go again. It is really easy, there is no risk of smearing, and it doesn't require much in the way of artistic talent. With that said, you can get some great designs, clean lines, and nice handwriting with these pens. There are also eight different colors, all with non-toxic liquid.

These chalkboard Baby Says shoes are perfect for photo opportunities.

Many parents will have a lot of fun just writing messages to each other on the shoes, perhaps reminding each other who gets the next 3 am feed or diaper change. But, remember that the soles of your kid's feet will face the camera in many shots. Therefore, you can make the most of them as photo props in family photos.

You could decorate them with images related to specific holidays or events. Or, maybe you just want to prove that your child is a football fan at an early age via team colors and logos. Many parents will use these shoes for milestone photos as well. You can take photos at different months or to celebrate key milestones of development, like a first laugh, first bath, or first trip to Grandma's house. This approach could lead to a really fun theme for a baby book. You could even get a pair in advance for a fun pregnancy announcement photo.

These Baby Says shoes with chalkboard soles are also great gifts for parents-to-be.

This combination of fun and functionality makes our Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes perfect gifts for any parents-to-be. It allows grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends to provide something a little bit cooler and more interesting as a baby shower gift.

Alternatively, you could use these shoes as part of gender reveals. This is perfect if you have the privilege of knowing the secret. Pick up a pair of either the blue or pink shoes, and write a message on the soles with the chalk markers. The parents can open up their present, lift up the cute little shoe and see "It's a boy!" or "Baby girl coming soon!". Don't forget that if you want a more gender-neutral option, there are black and white shoes too.

However you choose to use Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes, you are sure to have a lot of fun!

Why choose traditional, boring baby shoes with little purpose when you can have customizable chalkboard shoes for babies like these. They are sure to bring lots of fun for parents as kids develop and also allow for photo opportunities they can treasure for a lifetime. Check out the selection and find the best fit. #WhatDoesYOURBabySay?

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