Baby Says Included in the Ultimate Baby Gift Guide From Newborn To Beyond!

A huge THANK YOU to Heather Spears for including Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes in the Ultimate Baby Gift Guide From Newborn To Beyond! Awesome list of baby products!!

"In an age of social media posts, phones with high-quality cameras, and more, Baby Says – Chalkboard Shoes. Is a stand-out item. This addition to the growing baby gift guide is unique and fun. They are baby shoes with bottoms that act as the perfect canvas. With markers that wipe away, the bottoms of these shoes can be anything you want. From first words, milestones, and other important moments; let Chalkboard Shoe act as a display for those precious moments.

Chalkboard shoes are the perfect product to capture a memory. Not only do they act as the best surface for drawing those wonderful milestones but they are also so much fun for older siblings. Let the easy-to-clean bottom of Baby Says Chalkboard shoe be the drawing surface for an older sibling. It’s moments like those that create memories even on days a milestone doesn’t hit!

Finally, baby shoes are the cutest thing in the world anyway. Now, the world’s cutest piece of apparel just got cuter. These pint-sized Chalkboard Shoes let your imagination take the wheel. Capture all of that and more, right on the bottoms of your baby’s feet with this super cute product."

You can read the entire guide here:

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