White Sneakers and 8-pack Marker Set
Baby shoes shown in white sneaker style. Right shoe is facing to the right. Left shoe is on it's side displaying the chalkboard sole.
White Sneakers and 8-pack Marker Set
Baby Says instruction card showing how to take care of your chalkboard shoes. Shake chalk marker, draw your design on the chalkboard sole, allow to dry, take baby photos, wipe with liquid dish soap and water then repeat!
Baby says chalkboard shoes size chart
Baby sitting in a white blanket placed in a wicker basket. You can see him wearing shoes that say "4 months" written in green chalk

White Sneakers and 8-pack Marker Set

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Unique and classy sneakers come in many different colors. All of our quality baby shoes have a chalkboard outer sole that can be decorated over and over again! Specially made for non-walking babies. Be creative and expressive while using our Baby Says liquid chalk markers, and show off what your baby might be "saying" to the world.

Wipes off easily with liquid dish soap and water on a soft cloth or paper towel! Perfect for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, holidays, sporting events, milestones...the possibilities are endless!

Each pair of Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes comes with one white liquid chalk marker and an 8-pack of liquid chalk markers in assorted colors.

Share your creations on social media with the hashtag #WhatdoesYOURbabysay?